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Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my website.  

The home page lists my works so here is a bit more about


I was born in North West Norfolk where I have lived all

of my life and I spend most of my spare time writing with my

trusty American Bulldog Esther by my side.  Many people wonder how or even why someone from Norfolk would write about East Enders and the grittier side of London life?Well, my mother was born in Bethnal Green within the sound of Bow Bells making her a true cockney and until recently my cousin ran The Black Bull  public house on Whitechapel High Street.  The way East Enders talk and live has always fascinated me, so when I first turned my hand to writing I couldn't think of a better subject to write about than the one I know and love.

The rest so they say, is history!  It's been a long hard slog to actually get somewhere in the literary world but thanks to my ever increasing kind readers it finally seems to be happening.  

I absolutely adore writing and hope to continue putting pen to paper for the rest of my life.  Well, that's if people want to keep reading my work........ fingers crossed!

I hope you all enjoy what I do and here's to the future and many more novels to come!

If you are new to my books please feel free to check out readers ratings of my previous works on independent review sites such as Goodreads and Amazon etc.



Kim xx



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