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Tess Davey is an ambitious, hard-working policewoman. 

With ten successful years in the service, she has risen to

the rank of detective and earned herself an enviable

reputation.  After the unexpected death of her beloved father,

Tess is shocked when previously well-kept secrets about her

family history are revealed.  When she begins her search for

answers nothing can prepare her for the unfamiliar and seedy

world in which she finds herself.

WHATEVER IT TAKES is a gritty and compelling tale which

leads us into a world of sleaze, violence and tragedy.


Jason Frasier grew up in the East End and was always told to

lookout for his younger brother. He did this willingly but could

never see in Vincent what others saw, that he was a thoroughly

nasty piece of work. He had a knack of dragging Jason into his

dodgy schemes, which is how Vincent and Jason ended up on

the wrong side of Freddie Gant, the local gangster and how one

of the brothers would pay the ultimate price.

EAST END HONOUR takes the reader into a world not normally

ventured and chronicles the lives of a family that will be torn apart

by a chance decision, one of them would regret for the rest of his



An affair that begins in a closed communist country and has little

chance of a future.  Lai Seo-Yeon is so determined to be with her

lover Jamie, that she will go to any lengths to reach England.

Desperation will lead her to be trafficked and begin a journey so

horrific it will scar them both forever.  Kipper O'Donnell is a true

Romany traveller, who by no fault of his own finds himself in

London where he meets local drug addict Ally Finch and falls

deeply in love.  When tragic events lead to heartbreak Kipper

vows to seek his revenge. Even though Jamie and Kipper's

paths will never cross both lives will be devastated by one man,

Sir Ramsey Meade. Trafficking, drugs, bare-knuckle fighting and

murder will push all of the characters just about as far as is

humanly possible.  TRAFFICKED is both gripping and amusing but mostly

heartbreaking as it covers the emotionally moving journey of one woman over two continents.


Billy Jacobs is a typical twenty year old, not exactly lazy but he

still does little to find employment until he's given an ultimatum

by his girlfriend. After a small run-in with the police, Billy is taken

under the wing of local policeman Harry Stanton who attempts

to morally steer the young lad in the right direction.  Eventually,

Billy lands a job at a local care home where he befriends Dulcie

Gray one of the residents who is sadly suffering from dementia.

After taking up the offer to rent her old house, dark and tragic 

secrets that have been hidden for over fifty years then begin to 


In the beginning, BELL LANE LONDON E1 is a humorous and

heartwarming tale but as the story unfolds unmentionable events 

from the past will resurface.  Actions that have gone on for many years,

still continue today but were nonetheless also very prevalent in 1941.  

East End characters at their best and worst with a way of saying things

that only a true East Ender can.


The only grandchild of a judge, Angela Canning Brown has been

raised within a wealthy family and lives a life of opulence. Always

believing her father had died before she was born, Angela is

shocked to learn that he had in fact been alive all along and

residing in London.  His premature death two weeks before her

twenty-fifth birthday sees Angela spiral into emotional turmoil. 

The further revelation that he was in fact, an East End gangland

crime boss totally devastates her.  Angela has been left her

father's entire estate and all she has to do is claim it, a task far

easier said than done.  Travelling to London she puts the wheels

in motion and sets about gaining her legacy but the one thing she

isn't prepared for is having to do battle with Johnny Vale.

Previously the right-hand man to her father, Johnny isn't about to give up his newly

acquired title as head of the firm without a fight.  Can Angela, with the help of her

father's two loyal friends, regain the McCann crown or will she fall at the first hurdle?

EAST END LEGACY is a gritty tale of crime and passion with down to earth East End characters.


The Steel's are old school East Enders. Family matriarch Sandra 

fiercely protects her brood and will not have a word said against

any of her children.  Kenny, the head of Steel Security and who

with the help of his brothers Vic and Charlie, run a successful

business that manages the doors of some of Essex's biggest

and most prestigious pubs and clubs. The baby of the family 

Michelle is the apple of Kenny's eye and he will go to any

lengths to keep her happy.  His mother knows that her eldest

son's fascination with his sister isn't normal but as long as he

never puts his fantasies into practice, then she is happy to turn

a blind eye. The family reside in Canning Town London and 

outwardly everything appears to be running smoothly.

The business is bringing in a good profit which enables them all to live a comfortable

lifestyle but things are about to change when Kenny decides to once more branch out

into the world of drug smuggling. Innocent lives are shattered when he involves ordinary

people who have no experience of their world, a world where life is cheap and no one is

indispensable. Can the Steel's get back on track or will events cause them to lose control?  

A FAMILY OF STEEL moves the reader at a fast pace through the lives of a not so ordinary

family, a family that has one member who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.



Jessica Metcalf is the only child of Bob and Annie and was born

and raised on Horton Road in the East End of London. She is

beautiful, happy and now has all the trappings that money can

buy.  Known as Jess to her friends and family but Mistress to her

clients, she earns her living as a high-class prostitute and

dominatrix.  Business is going from strength to strength, she

enjoys her work and it's a very lucrative career that has enabled

Jess to purchase swanky apartment in upmarket Kensington.

Everything in her life changes when by chance she replies to an 

advertisement placed in the local newspaper.  

Within a few weeks her world seems to spiral out of control, when

 through no fault of her own, Jess gets caught up in murder. Can

she survive, or are the outside forces just too powerful?

PHILLIMORE PLACE takes the reader through the trials and tribulations 

of people's lives; it will cross class boundaries to show that no one, no

matter how wealthy they are, can shield themselves from pain.


When faced with vast amounts of money, greed can take over a

person's character and change them forever. They become blind

to opportunities that are staring them in the face and nightclub

owner Tommy Mortimer is one such person. His desperate bid

to make cash through illegal means, sees him miss the 

opportunity to do the most important thing in his life, something

that no amount of money can buy.  Sue Hewitt is tired, worn out

and looks far older than her years.  Working all the hour's God

sends is still not enough to provide for her ungrateful husband

and son. When finally she can take no more, she gives them

both an ultimatum that will, in the long run lead to grave 

consequences.  When Michael Chambers becomes seriously ill,

his mother Lizzie has no alternative but to reveal the identity of her

son's father. It is a secret that she's kept hidden for almost two decades and will

 cause her brother Joey to act in a way that he never thought possible. Two East

End families, whose paths will never cross but through heartache, will have so much in common.  

A winning lottery ticket that could change so many lives  for the better but one that seems to be

cursed from the day it was purchased! 

EAST END LOTTERY will take the reader through people's lives that are interlinked by pain, 

shattered by greed, theft, and betrayal. Fate can have a cruel twist and none more so than to

the poor souls who are so desperate to change their lives.


At the tender age of twenty-one, Sonny Higgins thinks he knows

it all. He is arrogant, full of attitude and along with his fellow gang

members destined for a life of crime. Arrested for a violent

burglary, he is sent to prison for three years and he swears to

carry on where he left off once he is released.  Forced to share

a cell with Frankie West, a murderer who still has two and a half

years of a life sentence left to serveSonny's attitude starts to

soften when he hears the story of why Frankie committed the

crime of murder. The revenge of someone so hurt by others

had a terrible effect and the consequences of one man's

actions ruined many people's lives.

After hearing this sorry tale, will Sonny change or will he sink deeper into the world

of crime upon his release? Was murder the only real option for Frankie West,

or should he have just walked away?

FAMILY BUSINESS sees abandonment, racial prejudice, underage prostitution and above

all else love, finally force a charming and hardworking young man, to lose all that he ever 

valued in life.


Katie Eden is young beautiful and a grade A student who has the

world at her feet. At University she gains the degree needed to

eventually secure a top position in the financial sector of city

banking.  Katie is loved by everyone around her and has many

friends but her kind heart always sees her championing the 

underdog.  When out of kindness she befriends a geeky loner,

Simon Mason she is totally unprepared for how the relationship

will affect her in future life. The vicious acts carried out by Simon

while at university sees him incarcerated for five long years in a

mental institution but he has already become fixated with Katie,

who in his depraved mind he one day plans to marry.

A DANGEROUS MIND is a suspense novel that takes the reader on an

emotional ride of someone so besotted by another human being that they

will stop at nothing to get what they desire.

Will Simon Mason continue to outwit the law or will he finally get what he deserves?

Can Katie Eden survive or will the nightmare she is thrown into never end?




Stella Nicholson lives in the East End of London, she is old

school and has raised her four children as a  single parent.

When a vast inheritance is left to the wrong person, Stella sets

out to regain what she believes rightfully belongs to her family.

There is just one problem, she can't do it alone and in the end, 

is forced to ask for the help of notorious gangster Tony Miller.

Stella and Tony have history from way back and it wasn't good. 

Things are complicated from the off so when the pair meet up

again after more than thirty years, she doesn't expect all of the

old feelings she previously had for the man to resurface.

FAMILY FIRST is a novel about loyalty, about people that love and

care for each other but who, when push comes to shove, will do anything to protect

their own.


In childhood, Shauna O’Malley lives a nightmare of poverty and

abuse and when the ultimate tragedy happens her short life is

thrown into utter turmoil. Years spent in care hardens the young

girl and when Shauna eventually reaches adulthood she decides

that she has to take her revenge. There is just one problem; the

person in question is a notorious London gangster who takes no

prisoners when he’s cornered.

Can Shauna avenge the man she blames for her tragic life or will

 she be made to suffer all over again?

A SCORE TO SETTLE is an emotional pursuit of one woman

who sets out on a mission to find justice.


Some two decades after experiencing a life-changing tragedy 

Shauna O'Malley sets out for revenge.

Her heart burns with vengeance but her target is now a serious

player and far more unscrupulous than she could ever have

imagined. Initially, things go well and Shauna almost succeeds

after Davey is convicted and sentenced to fifteen years.

As she attempts to save herself and leave the past behind,

she is on Davey’s orders, violently kidnapped and imprisoned i

n a dark windowless basement.

A SCORE SETTLED is the second in the series and will leave

the reader holding their breath unable to wait for the conclusion.

Will Davey Wiseman be made to pay for his sins or will he outwit her once again,

forcing Shauna’s plan to fail? 



(The Final Countdown!)


Psychopaths, from the first breath they take to their last, are

arrogant and have an inflated sense of importance.  They are

well organised, plan their crimes well in advance and leave few

deliberate clues.  Simon Mason, unfortunately for the rest of the 

human race, is one such person. Six months have passed since

Katie Eden was incarcerated in Rampton High-Security Hospital

but Charlie Thorn is not giving up and vows to prove that she is

innocent.  Simon, on the other hand, has a different idea.

Will Katie gain her freedom or will Simon once again outwit

them all?


At a young age, Samantha Whitman is left all alone in the world. 

Securing lodgings at the home of Doris Franklin, former mistress 

of the late notorious gangster Archie Miller, Sammy slowly starts 

to enjoy life again.  After a chance meeting, she is swept off of her

feet by a handsome stranger and is totally taken in by his charm.

 A whirlwind romance ensues and through no real fault of her own

and only due to her desperate need to be loved, Samantha soon

finds herself a prisoner in a brutal, loveless marriage.  Like

many before her, she hides it well from those she has regular

contact with and to most on the outside world, she is happy and

content.  Suffering in silence for several years at the hands of her

sadistic husband Gerry, Sammy always has a smile and painstakingly

conceals the cuts and bruises.   Told many times, that if she ever tries

to leaves he will kill her, Sammy is broken and scared. 

Finally, she realises that things have to change or she will inevitably die.  

Sammy faces a dilemma in the choice she has to make, does she walk

away and spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder or take

the law into her own hands?  Can she find the strength to finally walk out

and if she does, then what will the consequences be? 

Bodily Harm is the sad tale of a young woman’s desperate fight for survival

and the price she is ultimately forced to pay.



Having the sad misfortune of not only being forced to live on Brick

Lane but also being the eldest illegitimate child of Shamus O’Mara,

a violent Irish drunk, Grace Wilson’s mere existence was simply

beyond comprehension. Never expecting more than she'd been dealt,

Grace's young life was totally devoid of love, kindness or any of the

niceties that life seemed to bestow upon others. Her sole role was to

merely raise her two younger brothers in the best possible way that

she could, however, she could. Money was tight, actually more than

tight it was almost non-existent but for most of the time, she somehow

managed to feed her siblings, even if that food was often scavenged

from the numerous dustbins located at the rear of the small stores and Indian

restaurants that were dotted along Brick Lane. With her sixteenth birthday fast

approaching Grace had one wish, to simply spend an evening, just one, with

her only friend Linda and for once not have to think about her sad life or worry

about what her two little brothers were getting up to. The Carpenters Arms held

a teenage disco in the upstairs room on Friday nights and the two friends had

made a date to celebrate Grace’s birthday but the outing would take more than

a little planning if she was to escape the flat without Shamus finding out.

Somehow the plans miraculously all came together but the night, didn’t turn out

at all as planned, it was actually a complete and utter fiasco but it was also the

night that she would meet East End heavy Big Jimmy Kilham and her life would change forever!






































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